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Founded by startup veterans John Ashenden and Paul Geller, their goal is to dream-up, develop and deliver to market web and mobile applications that push today’s technologies beyond their presupposed limits—solving problems and creating value through intuitive design and original experiences.

Paul Geller

Co-Founder, CEO

Paul Geller was most recently a Senior Executive at music streaming startup where he helped deploy the services bleeding-edge ad-serving platform and then ran Government Affairs for the controversial company in one of the most tumultuous eras of the modern music industry, which included the defeat of SOPA in the House of Representatives and ACTA across the globe. He is the Founder of National Metrics, an Internet marketing firm that he sold in 2009 and has extensive experience in affiliate marketing from his role at textbook price comparison website

Paul is the holder of many trademarks and patents pending in the entertainment industry and the founder of Republic Promotion Co., at one time one of the largest independent promoters of dance parties in the Southeast, US. He was a co-founder and the lead guitarist for influential alternative band 'Keepsake' and has, written, performed on, produced, engineered, mixed or mastered nearly a dozen full length indie and major label releases.

John Ashenden

Co-Founder, CCO

Having served as a Senior Vice President and Creative Director at Grooveshark for close to 6 years, John is no stranger to the trials of the start-up lifestyle. Growing a product from a loose concept to an international audience of over 40 million wasn't easy, especially with little funding or experience. Over the past 6 years, John has led the redesign and re-imagination of Grooveshark, continually setting new levels of excellence and experience in the world of online music. John’s experience at Grooveshark also made him the creative force behind many first-to-market branded experiences that leveraged Grooveshark’s global appeal in conjunction with Fortune 500 brands.

Today, John is leaving behind a amazingly talented team, split between New York and Florida, in the hopes of growing new ideas. Socialist we hope will be the first of many great products to come.

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